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With over 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S., it's important to conduct research so you can find the right agency that meets your police officer career goals whether you want to work patrol, become a Detective, be a member of a SWAT Team or work on a dignitary protection detail to protect people like the U.S. President, State Governors, or City Mayors.

At Five O Careers, we advertise police agencies and the communities they serve all across the U.S. and will help you find that perfect place to work and live.


Five O LLC and Fiveocareers was built upon three guiding principles that make up our motto, Duty, Service, Self.


Office Assistance & Support

At Five-O Careers, we offer advice and mentoring to anybody contemplating a career in law enforcement.

Five-O Careers is made up of current and retired law enforcement officers, many of whom are also U.S. Military Veterans, so we specialize in helping separating military services members and veterans who wish to continue serving their communities after serving their country.

Five-O Careers can also help current law enforcement officers who may be contemplating a lateral transfer.

Service Prep

Five O LLC offers free advice and mentoring to prepare those looking for a career in law enforcement.  

Search Listings

For police agencies that join our website, we advertise the police agency and the community it serves so candidates and their families can find the perfect place to work and live.

Retire Early!

Law Enforcement Agency’s and Retirement Systems throughout the U.S. allow for the purchase and rollover of military service time into a public safety retirement plan.

Moving Benefits

Through our partnership with                 HSF Affiliates, Five-O Careers s able to offer a Real Estate Incentive to all active duty military service members and veterans, police department employees, fire department employees and correctional facility employees.

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