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Military Service Time Buyback

Law Enforcement Agency’s and Retirement Systems throughout the U.S. allow for the purchase and rollover of military service time into the public safety sector retirement plan.  This will allow Veteran’s to either retire early with full benefits or retire with enhanced benefits

Moving Benefits

You may be eligible for a cash rebate if you need to buy or sell a home to relocate.

Agency of the Week

Syracuse Police Department NY

Syracuse New York is located approximately 246 miles north of New York City. With a city population of 145,000, Syracuse is the 5th most populous city in New York State. Located in the Fingerlakes Region of central New York, Syracuse is the ideal location for off-duty activities like camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Syracuse is the home of the salt potato and the great New York State Fair.

Median income for singles is $31,566 and for family is $71,407. Career opportunities for spouses is plentiful in Syracuse along with available properties in the historic downtown area for establishing their own business.

Along with a 20 year retirement, Syracuse PD allows for the purchase of up to three years military service time giving Veterans an option to retire early.